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Custom Email Publisher - Original Email Message not included in the Body

I have created a custom Email Publisher because I wanted to make the "To" field as Read- Only  . It works fine except -
  1. The original email conversations do not get included in the email Body when we Reply  to the email.
  2. The "Reply " and "Reply To " buttons under the emails under the All Updates section do not work
<apex:page standardController="Case" showHeader="true">
<apex:emailPublisher id="myEmailPublisher"
 entityId="{!case.id}"  width="500px" 
 title="Send an Email"
 expandableHeader="true"  autoCollapseBody="true"
 fromVisibility="selectable"  toVisibility="readOnly" toAddresses="{!case.contact.email}"
 bccVisibility="hidden"  ccVisibility="hidden"
 emailBody=""  emailBodyFormat="HTML"
 reRender="myEmailPublisher" subjectVisibility="editable" subject="Re:{!case.subject}"
 showSendButton="true" sendButtonName="Send Email"  /> 

Can someone help me on this urgently

Chhavi Vashist


Mike SladeMike Slade

Sorry I'm a little late here, haven't been on the forum for long.  You can create a formula field to get the case tag. "ref:_"& LEFT($Organization.Id,4)& "0"& RIGHT(LEFT($Organization.Id,15),4)& "._"& LEFT(Id,4)& "0"&RIGHT(Id,5)&":ref"


Then you just put that in as the default message.



If you want to add some space at the top for the message use javascript. See