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show an horizontal banner on detail page of record

Hi All,


I want to show an horizontal banner on Standard Salesforce detail page of a record.

The color of the banner will depend in Picklist Value (A,B,C,D).

For example if you choose A, then a RED benner should be shown.


I don't know if i can do it in Standard, or i should create a visualforce page.


Thx for your help. 



Not sure if a full banner is possibl without visualforce but some people use the method from the URL below to show a "Case Age" field which displays a colored image based on the age of a case.




I've allready seen this solution, but it's not what i need.

I want to show a full banner, not just a flag.


Ok well in that case I assume it needs to be an inline visualforce page block. It shouldn't be too complicated. Basically all you need is:


- Download the necessary images (or create them)

- Create a visualforce page making sure to associate the standard controller with whatever Object the detail page is for

- In the controller, get the value of the dropdown field

- Either in the controller or in Visualforce render the appropriate image based on the value of the dropdown




Yes this is what i should to do.

but i have problem with visualforce page. how can i customize the standard detail record page on visualforce page. 



Here is a good article on how to associate a visualforce page into a standard detail page:




i'll see the article :)