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how do we create checkbox on the fly with button

Does anyone know how to create a checkbox and also text box on the fly in VF on click on button?


example page has


1 checkbox





Button here (when someone clicks button, new checkbox is created)

Button here (this will create textbox)


Also these values will be stored under account object so I wonder how it will map to field for on the fly checkbox?









Do you know how many maximum checkboxes/ textboxes can be added dynamically and to what will they be getting mapped? Does your checkboxes maps to different fields or same field for diff records? 



Basically anytime we press button it shoudl create 1 new checkbox.
What user is looking for is right now they have html application where in they hit button and it creates checkbox on the fly, not sure where that new checkbox is mapped in that application, either on text file or db.

In my case, we will also need to create a new field for new checkbox to map to. In my case we need checkbox and new field to be created on hitting button on same record.