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Issue with User Lookup field on VF Page

Has any encountered any issues with Visualforce pages not opening the User lookup when it is present on the page?


I have a VF page with an inputField element to a custom lookup to the User object.  When you click the lookup button, the popup doesn't open, but other lookups work with no issue.


Below is the sample code for my lookup:


<apex:inputField value="{!object.FKUser__c}" required="true" />


Please let me know if there is a workaround to this.






Check the field object.FKUser__c is of type Lookup just to make sure. If your field is a lookup, the page will generate the appropriate markup to support the lookup popup page.   You can try putting any other standard object Lookup field just bellow your lookup field and see if both are not working?          


Thank you for the quick response.


The field is a User lookup field, and renders correctly with the User scope and the lookup field. 


When you click the lookup icon, no window pops up.


I tried with Contact, and works with no issues, but the field doesn't render like a User lookup field.





Hi Matt,


What type of Controller are you using? Use standardController and "extensions".


Put your custom controller in extensions & that should solve your issue.
If your code is like this:


<apex:page Controller="CustomController">


Try  this is example


<apex:page standardController="Detail__c" extensions="CustomController"/>

Also, you will have to add the constructor of CustomerController to include the constructer with StandardController.

Shikha Jaiswal TamanShikha Jaiswal Taman
hi Matt,

Were you able to resolve this ?
I'm also facing the same issue. In the VF page, all lookups work fine except the user-lookup.

Please let us know if you found any resolution.