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How to validate whether values given or not for Opportunity while coverting from Lead page

1) When am clicking on "Convert" button in the Lead page. It is opening one standard page with some fields like Opportunity,Account look up and some other details. In that page again it is displaying "Convert" button. when we click on that button it will create one record in "Account" and "Opportunity" object.


2) While inserting record into Opportunity Object i want to validate some custom fields values entered or not. If they are not entered want to display error message and allow them to fill those custom fields values.


In Opportunity object i have some custom fields like Amount,Marketing type, Marketing information and one more fields while inserting record into opportunity at the time of converting lead to Opportunity want to check these values. And want to allow the values for their fields.


3) How can i achiece this functionality? can any provide ideas on this. Thanks in advance.


Create a validation rule in Opportunity object..use ISNULL or ISBLANK function..



  • Will check through validation rule or trigger whether the value are inserted or not. If not inserted displaying error message in the Convert page. Where we have to allow him to fill values for the four fields of Opportunity object.