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Retrieving a particular field from one object to another.

I have an  custom object called "position" .  Now i  want to retrieve only a particular field called status from another object called candidate,which is having many fields. I want to retrieve the status (picklist) field from candidate.


I have done with the lookup but i am getting the whole details but what i need is the particular status picklist information in position object



Thanks in advance....




Could you please give us more details as to how you want to retrieve the field?  Are you wanting to just display in (i.e. read only) on a visual force page?


It sounds like you want to pull in the candidates for a given position and list their status on a Visualforce page.  If this is the case, you will need to use a custom controller or controller extension that is written in APEX.  In that controller / extension, you will need to execute a SOQL query to pull back the needed data.  Then you can modify your visualforce page to display this data.



If you are using the standard Position__c controller and just want to display child Candidate__c records for one object, you can easily access the child records using Visualforce alone. No Apex needed.