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how do i close the user opened details by clicking the signout button.

hi i have two fields and one button like email ,password and 'sign in' in VF page . when i click the button after enter the values to the fields it is authenticating from existing records in a custom object and returning particular user details in the format of table on VF page . but i want to sign-out button on the same VF page after got result. when i click the sign-out button the details of particular user has to close . i don't want give permission for user to access his details after click the sign button . if he want to accesshis details again he need to enter email id and password.

I dint understand the requirment correctly, however; you can use Window.parent.close() function to close the browser window.

After evaluating your contoller function call a javascript method onComplete of your controller method....something like this


  <apex:commandButton  action="{!save}" onComplete="window.top.close() OR CALL Javascript method here"......