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salesforce campaign member update based Exact Target opend,Sofbounce and hard bounce

Hi There,


Currently I am working on Exact Target .


In our org Exact target is configured and installed.

now what i have to do is i need to find out the status of exact target opend,soft bounce and hard bounce and update on the campaign member status.


the problem is how to identifie the exaxct target soft bounce and hard bounce status in salesforce .


If any worked on the Extact target and salesforce , please tell me how to identify the soft bounce and hard bounce status in salesforce.


sherry pengsherry peng
you need do campaign integration. The detail steps show here: http://help.exacttarget.com/en/documentation/integrated_products__crm_and_web_analytic_solutions/marketing_cloud_connector_v5/features/campaign_member_integration/