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salesforce package and deployment Issue


I have some query. so i need to understand deployment process of salesforce.



1) I have make managed beta package but its not deploy in sandbox.

its give me error .  "Your requested installion is failed please try again ".


2)so i want to known can we deploy managed beta package?


3) I have make changes in classes and pages  after making manged beta package.

so i want to add those class and pages in that managed beta package. so how i do that.


4) how to removed pages and classes from manged beta package and add new pages and classes in that package.


5) i try with managed beta package i am getting error so i try with unmanaged package but its give same error.


so i want to known  can I deploy unmanaged package in sandbox?


Yes, you can install a beta package into a test org, developer edition or sandbox.


There's full details on this in the packaging guide at:




You should receive an email with the error details on why your managed beta failed to install - if you don't have that I'd contact support.