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Copy Opportunities from Account into custom object called Account_Plan

Greetings! Is there a way to copy all the opportunities from the accounts into a custom object called Account_Plan__c?


Let me try be more clear:


I have an object Called Account_plan__c, and i have a lookup field to Accounts, so what i'm looking is to get:


A) 1 related list  with all the opps for the current quarter from that account

B) 1 related list with all won opps from that account

C) 1 related list with all lost opps from that account


The 3 related list must be filtered by user profile.


Thank you!!!!

Create one csv file using data loader for all opportunity. Then Insert all opportunities into Account_Plan__c using data loader using field mapping.
Thank you for your response Pooja but i think that's not the solution what i'm looking.