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Error occured while loading a visualforce page

Hi All,


We have implemented customer portal in our project. Portal Users have a login page, a defauld landing page (vf), a form (vf) which whn filled and clicked on submit creates a new record in salesforce.


This is working perfectly fine in qa but few users in production have complained to be constantly seeing the error message while submitting the form.


Error :Error occured while loading a visualforce page


Please email us if you need to get in touch.



I havent been able to replicate this issue in QA.


Can anyone please advice:

1. Why it happens for only a bunch of users?

2. Is this a problem on salesforce side?


PS: all profile access to the page, class etc have been given.






This is a problem within Salesforce and a standard Salesforce error message. It could be the Visualforce, the controller, extensions or lookup issues done by code.


I would first recommend to debug your code, add try-catch blocks and check your logs. I understand you probably don't want to modify your production code unless you really have to. But if you your logs show you nothing you probably have to do something like this and ask your users having problems to reproduce their behaviours. 


Another tip to go by first is to open up the VF-page as an internal user. Doing this sometimes gives you more information than as a portal user. You access the VF-page as an internal user by removing everything in the URL before the apex page and replacing it with the standard url you see as an interal user and 'apex'. For example https://cs11.salesforce.com/apex/VFpage?anyparams&etc


HTH / Niklas