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VF page to send e-mail using email template


I am working on a VF page where a user can select an e-mail template, potentially edit the content of the template and then send the e-mail.  To accomplish this I am looking up the template via Apex, grabbing the html body and dropping in a textArea with richtext set to true.  I have 90% of this up and running perfectly the only issue I have is when trying to substitute in merged fields.  I have a lookup mechanism in place to grab the value for merged fields, however there are fields available in the template editor such as {!Case.OwnerFullName} that do not exist on the object itself.  I am aware I can get this field by grabbing the field Owner.Name on the case, however I would like to avoid hardcoding in a bunch of substitutions.  Is there an easier way to do this?  Am I completely missing something here?  

Hii MaxFriel,

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