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question about a page in a page.

I am having a visual force page VisualForcePage_B in another VisualForcePage_A. I have used apex:include tag to do that.Both the pages are bound to the same standardcontroller of a custom object and the same extension  and action attribute for both the pages are set to the same action method in extension. 


Now when ever it displays an errormessage through pagemessages it is displaying twice.


My question :  Is there any way i remove the extension attribute for VFPage_B and still be able to render it with the appropriate values from controller extension as VFPage_A already has the extension and action attribute specified already????




It is not possible of using property of controller without being binded it with Page. Please let me know folliwing things: 

1. How are you loading both pages together or separetly?

2. why are you calling action in both page laoding? 

Please clear so I can come with some relavent solution to you.