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How to display checkbox based on picklist values in Standard Page ?

Hi all,


In Standara page there one picklist, based on the selecting picklist values we need to be display checkbox ? It should be happen in standard page ? is the possible ?

if not please provide any other suggestion ?




Darshan FarswanDarshan Farswan

Checkbox field can only act as Controlling field. It cannot be dependent field. 


You can Control the editability of Picklist from a Checkbox, but the reverse is not true.


I doubt if this is possible on a Standard Page.




In standard page you cannot make a checkbox dependent to a picklist. Because only checkbox and picklist can be the controlling field in standard page.


But you can do this in a VF page using standard controller and overwrite it in the new button. So, you can make the checkbox to display based on the picklist values selected.



VF page to render the checkbox1__c or checkbox2__c based on the PicklistEG__C field values change in Account object,


<apex:page standardcontroller="Accounts">

    <apex:inputfield value="{Account.picklistEG__c">
       </apex:actionsupport event="onchange" rerender="theBlock"/>

    <apex:outputpanel id="theBlock">
          <apex:inputfield value="Account.checkbox1__c" rendered="{!Account.picklistEG__c == 'check1'}"/>
          <apex:inputfield value="Account.checkbox2__c" rendered="{!Account.picklistEG__c == 'check2'}"/>




Hope this will help you...!





Kamatchi Devi