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customizing the change password page in communities

Hi I'm working on communities and would like to customize the change password page that is displayed to the customer after a password reset. This is the url to the default changepassword-     /_ui/system/security/ChangePassword.  I have customized the changepassword vf page that Salesforce provides but when I try to test it out it still takes me back to the same old SF default changepassword. After much digging it appears to me that the changepassword vf page that's provided with the communities is tied to the user's personal profile. My question is where is the right page that needs to be customized or how can I make the change password link take the user to the custom page. Or is it even possible?



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Hi Sumil - You would need to turn Chatter answers on in your SF org and then enable it for your communities(under site settings). Once this is done you can choose the visualforce page you want to use as your change password page. 

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You can create new change password page with customizations and map to default site.

Navigation: Setup->Develop->Sites->Portal site url as you enabled->Click on 'Site Label' name ->Click on 'Login Settings' button-> Edit on Change password lookup field -> Give the customized passwrod vfp and save.


Once you done the above steps verify the navigation, the system will navigate customized change password page instead of native page.


Please let me know if you have questions






Hi Balakrishna, I have tried to follow your suggestions but it seems like there isn't any option with your steps in the communites. Your suggestions probably is more tailored to customer portals.



nbknbk are right, the steps are specific to Customer Portal. I have looked on Communities but no option as such to customize the password page.


Did you raise a case to salesforce on this! please post the solution if you have any


Yes I raised the case with Salesforce. I am currently trying to implement the suggestion they gave me. I will update this space once I'm done trying it- hopefully by the end of the day.




Made some progress on this issue. You can't actually customize the default ChangePassword and so

what you could do is create your custom visualforce page with the controller to handle how you want your

users password to be authenticated.

Next go to Personal setup => Email => Unfiled Public Email Templates.

You can then customize the templates by removing the merge field {!Custom_url} and adding your link.

However, there is the issue of security here because usually the salesforce link the is sent to the user's

email has an expiration time to it but with this approach I haven't quite figured out how this could be achieved.

I guess I have my work cut out for me. Will do some more digging on this and add an update comment later.




I have also same issue, did you find any workaround on that, Please update me.



Suneel Mishra 



Hi Sumil - You would need to turn Chatter answers on in your SF org and then enable it for your communities(under site settings). Once this is done you can choose the visualforce page you want to use as your change password page. 

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Is enabling Chatter Answers still the best/only method for this?  For someone that does not have a license for Chatter already, this solution can be quite expensive.
I have the same issue, has there been any found work arounds? Thanks!!
Derek M HughesDerek M Hughes
I have tried the solution of enabling Chatter Answers and selecting a custom VF page in the settins, but try as I might I cannot get it to use that page.  When a password reset is done and an email is sent to the user with the link to {!Community_Url} it ALWAYS goes to 
_ui/system/security/ChangePassword page.

This is the last non-custom page in our community site.  Login, request password reset and register are all custom pages... just this one eyesore left that does not conform to our site look and feel.

Has anyone solved this problem?
Derek M HughesDerek M Hughes
Actaully I finally figured it out... I had enabled Chatter Answers and selected the custom password change page in the Chatter Site Settings, but it actaully needs to be selected in the COmmunity settings.  

​Gotta say, the documentation around this from Salesforce is not great.
Rasmus Zimmer NielsenRasmus Zimmer Nielsen
Does anyone have an updated solution for this since Chatter Answers do not exist for post summer 16 orgs?
Onboarding App UserOnboarding App User
Bump, I would like to know this as well!
Suzanne TimmerhansSuzanne Timmerhans
Me, too.  I want to create a customized Forgot My Password VF to be used in my Community since the default one is not working - either the Partner User gets an expired link or it puts them into a loop and locks their account.
David ChengDavid Cheng
This should be on the community's Administration page under Logins and Registration, you can set both the forgot password and change password pages to Visualforce pages or Community Builder pages.
Sreepriya CK 3Sreepriya CK 3
i would like to validate whether the user is loggin in to the community for the first time. I have customised the change password VFPage. i would like to show the change password page  when it is firsttime logging in otherwise show another page with  security questions  ts et the question for the firsttime.AnyHelp!!!