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Displaying Records in Vfpage in monthly wise



display total number of Account created on month wise. Should have two column with header Monthwise and Number of accounts are created on that particular month.


Like this


Account created In              No of accounts created

Jan                            25

feb                            20


can any one provide me a sample code how to achive this it would be great thankfull.


Thanks In Advance


Hi i think u got solution  for this  senario..


please reply me if u have any ..



please let me know 






Please try the below code :

VF page-


<apex:page standardController="account" extensions="hello22controller" showheader="false" sidebar="false">
    <apex:pagemessages ></apex:pagemessages>  
		<apex:pageBlocktable value="{!laccountInfo}" var="ainfo">
			<apex:column value="{!ainfo.month}" headervalue="Month"/>
			<apex:column value="{!ainfo.count}" headervalue="No of accounts created"/>

 Controller -

public class hello22controller 
    public List <accountInfo> laccountInfo{get;set;}
	public hello22controller(ApexPages.StandardController controller) 
        laccountInfo = new list <accountInfo>();
		for(integer i=0;i<;i++)
			accountInfo ainfo = new accountInfo();
			ainfo.month = datetime.newinstance(2013,1,1).addmonths(i).format('MMM');
			ainfo.count = 0;
		AggregateResult[] groupedResults  = [SELECT Count(id)monthCount,CALENDAR_MONTH(createdDate)                                                                monthNo FROM Account WHERE createdDate = THIS_YEAR GROUP BY CALENDAR_MONTH(createdDate)];
        for (AggregateResult ag : groupedResults)  
            Integer MonthNo = integer.valueof(ag.get('monthNo'));
			Integer MonthCount = integer.valueOf(ag.get('monthCount'));
			laccountInfo.get(MonthNo-1).count = MonthCount;
    //Wrapper Class
    public class accountInfo
        public String month{get;set;}
        public integer count{get;set;}