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override Record Name (Edit | Del Account Name) link after Del link in list view using vf

Hi there,


I know we can override a edit and new links in list view .

But there will record name (Account Name ) link  just after Del hyper link.  for example :  Edit | Del Test Aruna9-20-2013( I want override Account Name  with visualforce page)  

generally  when  we click on that link  it will open account detailed page.

but what i want is if i click on that i want to open a visualforce page.

is it possible to override  Edit | Del Test Aruna9-20-2013  hyper link in list view page.

if it possible please let me know how to proceed with that.


and also when i click on Account Name in  Recent Accounts  Records  view link (Account Name) it should open visual force page .


I mean i need  to also override Recent Accounts (Test Aruna9-20-2013 with vf page.


Thank you In advance


Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
You can override Edit/Clone/View link with visual force page.
Just go to Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Button Links and Actions.
You can see all actions here.
Serach "View" under column "Label" and click on "Edit" link.
Here you will find tree options, Select Visual force page there.
Now from anywhere you click on account link, your visual force page will be appear.