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Sites - generic authentication

We've created a custom app for one of our customers to track donations.  They have about 2000 users who will need to submit their collections on a weekly basis via Sites.  This is working well with the Guest user, however, in order to protect the database from "casually" submitted data by just anyone, we want to create a generic login, so only those 2000 users who have been provided with the username and password, can actually submit data.


We don't to keep this as simple as possible, and therefore not implement Partner Portal.  All we need the users to be able to do is submit a new record. They do not need to view anything, except be able to pick their identifying record from the lookup.


Is there an easy way to create a single logon, which can be used by multiple users at the same time to submit records?


We hope that there is a way to provide this functionality without the need for additional licensing, since what we are trying to accomplish does not require any more than the Guest user currently provides.


Any pointers/help is greatly appreciated.



Create a custom object for the users and enter the provided username and password in to the object. After that expose a form (visual force page) which will ask them to enter the required information along with their user name and password. Authenticate the information before saving it in to the database.if it is from your users then save the information otherwise show error.


It will solve your purpose.




Hi Pradeep,


Thanks for your response.  I think I understand what you mean, so I will try this out and see if it works and if the customer accepts this solution.


Thanks again,



if you need authentication you need to use the secure option: sites-portal integration.

that's why we created the authenticated website user licenses. you can buy login or user based licenses with volume discounts. 

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