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Attachments in customer portal

Hi. I am able to display all the attachments related to a customer portal user. But the problem is that, when user clicks on that attachment link to download, it says INSUFFICIENT PREVILIGES. Here is what I am using .


<a href="{!URLFOR($Action.Attachment.Download, att.id)}" >{!att.name}</a>


<a href="{!URLFOR($Action.Attachment.Download, att.id)}" >{!att.name}</a>


But the same works in a normal vf page that is for a normal contact withoutr any authentication.


Thanks for any help.


in this context the user u mean a guest user or a contact.


I am refering to a customer portal authenticated user


did u check the permissions for the portal user profile.


Yes I did.

The poratl profile has read access to contact obj.



Yes, I agree with you because We faced the same problem, on customer portal the direct attachment of a Contact are not visible.

However We cracked it by following way:

!) Created an another child object of the Contact say ContactAsset__c

2) and enabled attachment for this object.


Now the Attachments of ContactAsset__c are visible on customer portal. Hope it will work for you.





Thanks Hemant for this approach


One more approach we have by that we need not to create new Object.

>> created 1 Formula field and one Text field in Contact.

>> On Text Field I am storing Attachment ID and in another formula field i put URL text of that image like :-


>> On VF show with <ApexOutputText>