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help on sites

when i put my visualforce page on sites. the design or css seems not to be used. but when i view it on a visualforce the design can be barely seen. im using a developer edition account...


change the browser and check.Sometimes your css will not be compatible.


I assume you are using static resources for your css. Make sure these static resources are marked public.


I had the same problem. For some reason, my css which I put them in static resources, dint seem to work in all the browsers although I marked them public.

So I put the css under <style> tags and then it worked perfectly.

Try that and see.Gud luck


Have you created another VF page for CSS?

If so then have you added that VF page of CSS in the "Enabled VF page" section for the Profile of site users?

It could also be a reason that CSS works fine in salesforce and not in site.


I had also faced this issue thats why i know about it. I prepared another VF page for CSS and forgot to Enbale it so it was not showing in the site http://nbcuni.force.com/commops. Its working fine now.