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Page redirect does not work in IE



I have created a form in which the onclick event of a save button does a page redirect. But this page redirection works fine in Chrome and Firefox but does not work in IE.

Authorization required error page is being displayed.

Any ideas please?


Thanks in Advance.



please use the new feature "Preview as Admin" to identify the real error. Online help has the steps you need to perform in order to use this new feature.


I just did! but I could'nt find any error msgs dispalyed there.Or where is that I am supposed to look fo rthese error msgs/?


it requires "preview as admin" tags on your error pages.

If these tags are present, when you use the "preview as admin" you should see the underlying error message on the page (while they are not visible for your site visitors).


Thank you for the help with "Preview as Admin" . But It does'nt still solve my problem. The error message that it displayed was"List has no rows for assignment to SObject. " Also in the URL , I see that it is redirecting toi the same page.

To explain you more clearly.I have the job application page which is rendered properly if you give the id of a postion in the URL.

And this page has a command button, in the action attributer of which I cal the controller method.

This method uses teh page redirect class and returns the new page called " Confirmation".

This is what is exactly happening in Chrome and Firefox. But in IE

when I click on the command button, the page redirection does'nt work and hence get backs to the same page"job application" but without the id in the url

and thats the reason it shows as "List has no rows for assignment to SObject"

So now, I dont really understand why the page redirection does'nt work in IE or the problem may be with the command button that does'nt seem to call the action method.


And idea on how to resolve this?


is the page is in extension "htps://" If so IE will not pass the id value.change it to http and try