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how to change the site url

I have developed a site. I want to change the domain name of this site to be same as our actual website 

For eg.

My site domain name is : mycompany.force.com

and my website domain name is mycompany.com

So now I would like to change mycompany.force.com to mycompany.com


I tried to look into the Site URL rewriter class example, but I dint understand it clearly.

This example shows to rewrite the  path names


Please help and it will be great if you can give me some example codes


I went through that document but I am not sure if I understood it correctly.

So As per that pdf, we need to create the CName Record with our registrar as:


Is this correct?


My site default web address is http://mycompany.force.com/careers

where the first part was provided by salesforce and we have given the suffix as : "careers"

and our company's public web site name is

http:// mycompany.com

and we click a link on our website :

http://mycompany.com/careers.html, it should take us to the Site home page

which is fine, but the url is changing from

http://mycompany.com/careers.html to http://mycompany.force.com/careers

How can i still keep the url as http://mycompany.com/careers



1- create a cname to point mycompnay.com to mycompany.force.com

2- wait until this cname is in place globally (it might take up to 24hours)

3-  edit your site (the careers path) and update the custom web address field with your custom domain name (my company.com)


now you can access you site via mycompany.com. If you have a page called careers under this site then you can access the page via mycompany.com/careers



Iqrar AhmedIqrar Ahmed
Hi Sahari,
Did you found any solution regarding you site issue becasue i'm also facing this issue and it's very important for me to resolve this issue.
Vani Saraswathi 4Vani Saraswathi 4
Hi All,

Did you found any solution to this problem?
If yes please let me know, Its really important for me to change the URL.