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Portal Users have less Access than Guest User



I've setup a page that allows a user to download a link that is an attachment to an account. The problem is that file is accesable to the guest user but when the portal user logs in and tries to download the file they receive an authorization required message.


The portal user has a High Volume Portal license and I've made sure that the profile has read access to the account object as well as the document object. How do I enable file access for High Volume Portal users. It seems ridiculous that the guest users can have higher levels of access then authenticated users.




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Hi @

I faced same issue and found solution for myself. Please check the object "Deployment Status" field. My object was "In Development" status, i made it "Deployed" status. And now its working fine :)

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Portal users have access to the related records to their own account. Is the file attached to the account related to the logged in portal user?


The loged in user is related to the contact that is related to the account that has the attachment but I'm still getting authorization required. It's in a development organization if that make any diference.


I don't have any sharing rules set up for the portal and the user as public read / write to all the standard objects possible. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.




can you try using the new "Preview as Admin" feature? You need to add the new "preview as admin" tag to your authorization required page and perform your flow by starting via the "preview as admin" link on your site details page (more info is in online help)

this will help you to see the exact error 


Hi Bulent,


I tried the Preview as Admin feature and the exact error I get is -


"File not allowed for profile."


Keep in mind that if I go to the exact same url when I'm logged out it works fine.




if this is a developer edition environment can you give me an access (bcinarkaya@salesforce.com)?

Danny LeungDanny Leung

Hi, Bulent


I also got the "File not allowed for profile" error message when I logged in as an authenticated website user and tried to access an attachment for display.  Would you please let me know how to resolve this problem?


I also faced the same issue,

As a guest user I was able to access fields of Contact, but after login to site as a Website User I was not able to access the same: The reason I found is:

If you see the Guest User profile, you can see the Contact with checkboxes available in standard objects, it means you can set the access level for Contact for Guest User Profile:

On the other hand If you the Authenticated website profile, there is no contact object listed in standatrd object permissions,

that means contact is not available for Authenticated website user.


I agree , Authenticated Website Users have less access than Guest User in this sense. And I guess same happens for account object(Although I did not checked for account object).

V AnandV Anand



I am aslo facing the same problem....  


Have you solved your problem with "file not allowed for profile" error. If solved it. please help me .



Friends I am also facing the same situation.


It seems strange that as a guest I can download the document using the link on my customer portal page.


Now this page is built using Visualforce and sites.com. As the others have stated we cannot include portal users in sharing rules. The portal user has every other security possible. The license of the user is "High volume portal user".


Surely there has to be some way to enable the portal user to be able to download the file and also ensuring that guests cannot access it. What if this is

confidential information?


I think you very much for your help.




Hi @

I faced same issue and found solution for myself. Please check the object "Deployment Status" field. My object was "In Development" status, i made it "Deployed" status. And now its working fine :)

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