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Paul Dyson.ax812Paul Dyson.ax812 

None-www custom url for sites

Simple question really but one that's difficult to test without messing with production systems! We have several Sites that use urls like www.mydomain1.com, www.mydomain2.com style but now need one that uses nonewww.mydomain3.com to sit alongside www.mydomain3.com (not served by force.com). Is this possible?


A little confused, do you mean you want to use http://mydomain3.com AND http://www.mydomain3.com together for the same site?

Paul Dyson.ax812Paul Dyson.ax812

Sorry, will try and be more specific:




already exists on a none force.com platform and needs to remain. We want to map




to a Sites system running on force.com


Can't see any reason why it wouldn't work but all examples of custom urls are www.customurl.com and its a bit difficult to test as these are both production systems (portal.madeupcompany.com currently running on a none force.com platform that we are replacing)


it'll work, you just need to create a cname for portal to point to your force.com domain name