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unmanaged package classes/objects not working fine in sites



I installed unmanaged package but in the site page the images and input fields are not working fine. And buttons also.


Please any one help me.(in the original account site page these are working fine).


I gave same permissions which i gave in earlier account.




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Try out the following :


If accessing sites without authentication : Go to public access settings and check the field level and object level permissions.

If accessing sites with customer portal authentication : Go to profile and check the field level and object level permissions.


Hope this helps.                                

super developersuper developer

Thanks for reply,


I already done all this settings.  It is not working in new account where i installed as unmanaged package.


Thanks in advance



Have you included all the components in your unmanaged package? It seems that you have added some components after setting up the unmanaged package and forget to 'Add Components' before taking out a release.


Hi Pradeep,


I am accessing site without any authentication like portal of sign on. The vf page has a flow inside it and flow shows the fields from account first and next step when I am trying to create the lead (with in the flow) it fails and gives authentication required.


Can you please guide, is it something like where using Flow you can not create Lead records?I have checked all permissions on Lead fields and set the visibility to true but in vain.


Please guide!