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Problem with Iframe and URL parameter ?isdtp=vw



I have Visualforce Page with a TabPanel of 5 Tabs.

In Each tab it contains the Custom Object and Custom Listviews  ..... for all Objects we had overrided the New by rendering it in an Outputpanel with an <apex:iframe> 

To maintain Tab & Sub-Tab Navigation for a user, I am trying to acheive SFDC New, Detal , Edit etc Standard Layout with in the Sub Tab by using Iftrame...


We are Using the Following Code:


<div id="pageBlock">  
   <apex:outputPanel id="selectValues" style="font-size:50px; background-color:#FFFFFF;">
      <apex:pageBlock rendered="{!hide}" id="selectPub2" >
         <apex:commandLink value="BackToList"  action="{!Invokehide}"  rerender="selectText,selectValues"  style="font-size:18px; font-style:normal;font-weight:normal; font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; width:70px;"  styleClass="btn" />
        <div id="frameScale ">
            <apex:iframe src="{!https://salesforce-instance/id?isdtp=vw}" frameborder="false" scrolling="true" title="Iframe" id="frame" height="450px" width="1140px;"/>        </div>                          

With this Now, we are able to get the New CustomObject page in Iframe But after Saving of a record ....... in that Record detail We are not able to Create Child CustomObject records.....  When Click the "New Child CustomObject"  the Button is not working not displaying anything.... If We use   ?isdtp=mn or ?isdtp=lt  IN iFRAME ,, We are able to Create Child records through"New Child CustomObject"  Button. But the layout is of Old Salesforce version if we use ?isdtp=lt or mn


How To make the the child New record Button work in Parent Record Detail in the apex:iframe when use URL parameter ?isdtp=vw 


Please Help me in Solving this Issue.




The parameter isdtp=vw is used for pages inside the Agent Console to assist in page-rendering. It is supported for use by the Agent Console only, and you may find some unexpected results if it is used outside of the console. This is the only option that supports the new aloha theme. It strips the salesforce header and sidebar from the page

isdtp=mn : Retains the old SFDC styling without the tabs and sidebar.
isdtp=lt : Retains the old SFDC styling without the tabs, sidebar, or header.

isdtp=vw : The page will be rendered without the tabs and sidebar.
isdtp=nv : The page will be rendered without the tabs and sidebar, and will accommodate all the buttons in a list view


if i give isdtp=mn in  page. i can able to click the buttons,but link,existing record is not  working. salesforce will give solution for this