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Page layout and chart report


I would like to know something:

I got a hierarchy in account. I have build a report for sales opportunity to extract data by a custom field in the Account link to the Sale Opportunity. When I add the report in the page layout of Account I'm not able to filter by the custom field which is used to get the data from the report. There is a way to filter the report by a custom field from the layout in the setup ? 




Hi RibbonFish,


I tried this and looks like the only data filter you can apply on report from the page layout is the record ID filter.

To include custom field as filter - you will have to change the report and save the filter in the report itself which will then reflect when you se this report on the account page layout. 



Ok actually it is not fixing the issue.

Let's resume the situation:

Account are composed of 3 types,

The 3 types are a hierarchy : A is parent of multiple B and B is the parent of multiple C. 

C has a custom field which refer to A (grand father)

B has a custom field which refer to A (Father)


We create Sales Opportunity againt C and only C. 

I did build a report where we can see all the Sales Opportunity. I would like to add to the account layout of type A (with record type of course) the report showing all the sales opp owned by his grand childrens. (by using the custom field reference in the grand children). Is that possible?



Anyone to help me :) ?

Hi Sylvain,


After some research and  testing I was able to get this to work on my setup:


1)This requires you to ceate a new report type which includes object A(grandparent) and C( grand child) 

2)create a summary report using the above created report type with Object Name A and Object name c in the report

3)Make sure you include a chart 

4)Now go to the Object A page layout and in the report chart section - try to include thus report - it should now give you the option to filter by Object A ID


Try and let me know the result..

Ok thanks for answer but A and C are not 2 different object but they are different TYPE in the ACCOUNT OBJECT. (Link BY HIERARCHICAL Link With RECORD TYPE)
A (1)=>(*) B(1) =>(*) C

C is link to many opportunities. (Sales Opportunity)

I want to see all the sales opportunities in A by Grand Children (C)
So for example:
My Account: RibbonFish got 3 grand childrens : RibbonDog, RibbonCat,RibbonMouse
Those 3 grand childs got a total of 15 Sales Opportunities (5 each)

I can see the 5 Sales Opportunities in EACH Grand CHILD ACCOUNT By using the report OF Sales Opportunity AND ACCOUNT

I Would like to use this report to see All the sales opportunities in my ACCOUNT (Grand Parent) Call RibbonFish.
Is that Possible ?