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Forece.IDE plugin error - in eclipse



I have a requirement in which I need to use the Eclipse for developing the Salesforce configuration and pull the translation package.xml for the custom fields. I have installed eclipse 3.3 & installed the Force.com IDE plugin as mentioned in Link: . After installating I have restarted the eclipse and  when I go to Windows-> Open Perspective -> Force.com IDE, it is popping up with an error message

              "Problem opening perspective 'com.salesforce.ide.perspective'"


Please suggest me how can I resolve this Issue/If any other setting need to be changed.




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In the IDE you can you see salesforce logo?


Try , click on File-> New-> Force.com Project -> us should get New Project Dialog box.



Ant any point if you do see the option , then I would say try installing it again. or before doing this try restarting the system.

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