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Data Transfer

We're trying to transfer data from a standard object (text field) to a custom object (rich text) using the Data Loader, but unfortunately we have two problems:


the fields contain a large amount of data, so when we do a CSV export it loses some of the data within each field, when we try it with an excel export and then convert it to CSV to import via Data Loader, it loses the formatting (line breaks)....


does anyone have any suggestions as to how large data fields can be transferred without losing the formatting



Oleksandra Oleksandra 4Oleksandra Oleksandra 4
Hi there,

You can transfer large data fields from https://www.data2crm.com/migration/crm/csv-to-salesforce-migration/#what-you-may-migrateCSV. or straight from Excel (https://www.data2crm.com/migration/crm/excel-to-salesforce-migration/#what-you-may-migrate) to any Salesforce edition Automatically using Data2CRM migration service.

Another possible option is Custom migration for more advanced migration. Get in touch with the experts (https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/am-data2crm) to get insights.