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My site is unsearchable in Google while i am searching with keywords.

My site is unsearchable in Google while i have completed all formalities in this.
I have included robots.txt.I have also used all meta tags in this and site is verified by Google but still it is not showing any result while i am searching.
I have used following tags in my Code:

<meta name="keywords" content="Reduce IT Costs, Asset Management Software, IT Asset Management, Software License Management, Software Asset Management, Life Cycle Management Software, Scalable, Solution, Scalable Solution, Scalable Solutions, Solutions,Search Solutions, scalable force, scalable.force.com" />

<meta name="description" content="description" />

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="8coD4LttT0mrUww3qbY9f2rr9mQXXkuBfocl2O8KECQ" />

<title>Search Scalable Solutions</title>


well site is indexed by googlebot.But it is not searchable by any keyword.I have created this site by Using Visualforce Page and i have given some Keywords in keywords meta tags as i have mentioned above.So i am not able to find that what is wrong in my code.Is there any other meta tag which i have to include?


Search engine optimization (SEO) requires more than just putting some keywords in your site.


I would suggest checking out the SEO starter guide: http://www.google.com/webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf


Tanks Ryan but i have already completed all things in google webmaster as mentioned in this SEO guide.