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Not showing VF page's fields when i am using this page in force.com sites.

I have created a VF page and And contoller class.And i have also created a Force.com sites in developer organization and make this page as home page in that site.There are OutputField,InputField And  text area field in that page.But these are not visible in site.When i am running my page with the URL, It is working completely fine.Can anybody help me? Its urgent.


Just to be clear, it shows when you view the page when logged into SFDC but not when you use the external URL? 


If that is the case, then you need to go to "Your Name | Setup | App Setup | Develop | Sites"


Click on the site name to get to the Site Detail page and click on the "Public Access Settings Button"


Scroll to the section labelled Field-Level Security and click the view link next under the object you are working with in your VF page.


Make sure the fields have the "Visible" check box populated and click save.


I had exactly the same problem yesterday and had to call Tech Support to solve it.  :)


Hope this helps!




Click "Public Access Settings" button on the site detail page and double check the CRUD and Field Level Security for the objects.


Thanks JoAnn, This is really worked.:smileyvery-happy:

Anjith KumarAnjith Kumar
Thanks JoAnn, This is worked.
Excellent. I too got above problem for the custom field created on Account and resolved. Thanks.