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Sites Developer for small companies

Hers my challenge.  I'm a very small company as in 1 guy.  1 user.  I want to grow but need to not spend money until the business can justify and pay for growth.  I'm not a public company or the Government.  I have to pay cash.  I need a web site that uses Salesforce as the data source.  I also have a need to convert two old web sites to web sites and hosted on Salesforce. 


According marketing materials I read this is supposed to be easy and quick.  I have been looking into CMS Apps on the Appexchange to pretend I can do this myself.  I gave up on that idea.  I hvae no backgoriund in developing anything let alone a web site.  I'm just a small user. I have looked for consultants but the lowest bid I got started at $5,000 just to start talking. 


Who can help me with a cost effective way to make a web site on  If the answer is nobody who wants to start a new business with me catering to very small Salesforce users?  There is a need here.  In fact I bet every company under 10 users has a need and is not even using any of Salesforces capabilities.  Many I talked to don't even know what the capabilities are. 



Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

1. Have you looked at using Free Edition. This will allow you to create a Site and Access up to 10 custom objects in Salesforce database for free. You wo'nt get any of the CRM functions or objects, and other Salesforce goodies, but for a small website with just a few objects needed it might fit your needs. You can always upgrade your license later.


2. You'll need HTML skills at a minimum to build a Site. While it is very easy to get up and running, you still need someone to build the pages. Visualforce skills are almost certainly required as well, especially if you want to interact with the Salesforce data in any meaningful way. Visualforce is just Salesforce HTML Tag wrappers for making stuff easier for developing with




Thanks for the reply.  I have enterprise Edition.  I've had this for the last 3 years.  With every new release I find more and more features that I have no idea how to use.  I post to these boards and programers want to speak program language to me.  I speak small business.  Isn't there anybody else that has my problem and is looking for solutions.  To suggest I learn code or spend thousands of dollars is not what small business can do.  My biggest frustration is I know without a doubt Salesforce can solve all my problems if I can just figure out how it works.  I go to Dream Force and everybody I talk to asks how many users do I have.  It seems like 20-50 is the number that starts to get some attention.  Doesn't anybody realize that the under 10 user business is probably larger collectively? 


Maybe if I bought a seat for all the people Salesforce was designed to elimnate by aoutomating everything I just might have enough seats to get some help. 

Patrick DixonPatrick Dixon

I'm new to salesforce too, but I'm currently moving three web sites onto


I'm happy to discuss it further by email if you wish <firstname>.<lastname> at at-view dot co dot uk


The magnitude of the cost depends on how complex the web sites are, and whether you already have a design for them.