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Greg LovelidgeGreg Lovelidge 

CMSForce Questions

I'm building a site using CMSForce and have a couple questions.


1.  If I use friendly urls it adds 'cms/' to my url.  For example, a page might look like this:


Is there a way to remove the 'cms/' part so I can have full control over urls?


2.  I'd like to be able to populate the title tag, meta keywords and meta description with data entered by users.  Using a content block in the template won't work because the text editor automatically wraps content in html and what I need is plain text.  Ideally there would be fields for these on the page properties layout and they could populate the template.  Here's how the relevant template code would look:



<meta name="description" content="{!description__c}">
<meta name="keywords" content="{!keywords__c}">




Can this be easily achieved?


Thanks for your help.

Greg LovelidgeGreg Lovelidge

Just an update for anyone that's interested.. I was able to get rid of the 'cms/' by editing the FriendlyURLs apex class.  I replaced every instance of '/csm/' with '/'.  I also updated the friendly url preview link on the CMS Console View visualforce page.  'cms/' is hardcoded in the link so just remove that and it will work fine.


Still working on the other issue and any guidance is much appreciated.




Has anyone found a resolution to this? I need to be able to enter in a page title, keywords and a description. I tried to add them in my Visualforce template in an additional <head> tag (in another forum post someone had mentioned that Salesforce automatically combines <head> elements) but that did not work - now I have two <head> tags.


Can anyone help this issue?