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Customer Portal License Types

Hi, I was looking into customer portals. I have checked into my developer instance for customer portal licenses. I found that for developer instance there are three license types

1) Customer Portal Manager

2) Platform Portal

3) High Volume Customer Portal

For each total 10 licenses are available.


Where is "Customer Portal Manager Standard" and "Customer Portal Manager Custom" license types, does they come with developer instance? or is it that

Customer Portal Manager = Customer Portal Manager Custom

Platform Portal = Customer Portal Manager Standard


Please help me to understand.


It is indeed confusing. The "Customer Portal Manager" license in the DE orgs is deprecated but now maps exactly to the "Customer Portal Manager Custom" license in terms of functionaltiy. So in your DE org, you can use that license for development but in a production org, the license type will be "Customer Portal Manager Custom." Again, same functionality. 


The DE org does not contain the "Customer Portal Standard" nor the "Customer Portal Manager Standard." Both of those licenses have been deprecated.


Let me know if that helps or if you have additional questions.