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Custom domain names - and a bit about google analytics



In this article it's suggested that we use CNAME records to send traffic on custom domain names to our Force.com Sites. With GoDaddy the use of CNAME records for top-level domains is forbidden so I've been forced to use domain forwarding. This is okay for traffic but it seems that because there's a delegated forwarder that Google Analytics thinks all traffic to my domain is coming from this one source. Anyone have some experience with this?



Patrick DixonPatrick Dixon

I don't have any experience with google analytics, but I'm currently trying to set up a custom web address for my site.


I'm using freeparking and it also doesn't allow me to make a direct CNAME between www and the force.com site, so they setup a CNAME from www to a dummy sub-domain (toons) and then a CNAME from toons to the force.com site.


The DNS comes up as:-




but force sites won't let me use www.at-tunes as a custom web address, it will only accept toons.at-tunes.co.uk .....which aint what I want.


So force.com sites seems a bit thick - it reads the DNS but can't seem to figure out that you own 'www' even though it's aliased to 'toons' which it's happy with.


The rest of the web understands the DNS just fine, and directs www.at-tunes to the force.com site .... which promptly dumps you back to a salesforce login page :-(