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Storage of data- Google Docs or Amazon S3?



We have a process where customers need to submitted / upload scanned documents via a app

Is it possible to store the documents externally via Google Docs OR Amazon S3 services?


There will be 100's of jpg scanned docs per week uploaded via the application.


Appreciate any advise on best practice.


Many thanks



I haven't used it, but I there is google docs integration for SFDC. You can check the help for details.


as for s3, just a shot in the dark, but if you want to upload to s3 from sfdc, you would probably need to use the webservices api. I am pretty sure s3 uses a REST api, but maybe also SOAP. In any case SFDC supports both of them.


the salesforce native integration with Google Docs is actually broken, and SFDC support will give no ETA on resolution in lieu of blaming Google, who offers no end user support for it.  the choice between the two is really how you want to get at those files after they are uploaded.  S3 is more flexible in redelivery of those files, via API, http/s, and even bittorrent.  not so much on the Google Docs side...


I've had good luck with S3 and the Salesforce integration code out on the code share site.  We build an archiving solution for a client using this.  I would love to use Google Docs but I have heard the same doesnt work right now.


One other question...not trying to hijack your post.


Has anyone integrated Amazon S3 and allowed portal users to upload large files that exceed the Salesforce limits?  I am just beginning to look into this, but I have a feeling that the client would need to be uploading directly to S3 because if the file size exceeds the Salesforce limit, we wont be able to use Salesforce as the upload proxy?


Am I correct in thinkink this way?  What would be an acceptable, secure solution?




There are few app exchange application which provide interfaces to upload documents into S3 or Google or FTP.You can use these applications for storing applications to outside Salesforce





Amazon S3 is the way to go if you want portal users to upload anything into Salesforce. You can create a custom object to hold the record for each file uploaded.


Your right in the sense that you can not use Salesforce as the proxy due to limit restrictions on view state, soap message size (if using soap), etc... You would need to use a good old fashion html form post to amazon.


I have some code examples on this if you would like -- however the Amazon Web Services toolkit for is a good start.


Hi Would you be willing to share your code mac? I am also interested in the ability for portal users to upload data to our environment and to have the documents stored at S3. Please let me know.


Can you point to a few that we could use?


Hi All,


Uploading documents DIRECTLY to S3 in a secure fashion is easy: Amazon S3 supports uploading the documents directly to S3 via HTTP POST as described in  This also allows for large attachments to be sent directly to S3 without involving salesforce as intermediary and gets around the SOAP/REST limits of 3 MB.


However, I am wondering how one would READ(get) the documents directly to the end user browser in a SECURE fashion. I don't want the document to first be brought to servers - besides the overhead, SFDC supports only 3 MB for a  Web Service request size. Amazon S3 supports Query String Request Authentication (adding the amazon username(key) and signed password (signature) directly as a URL parameter. However the problem with this approach is that the URL can be copied by anyone and they can then directly access the document. I can add an expiration time as a URL parameter, but even then this is an insecure method, since someone can access the document for a few seconds. Besides including the Access Key as URL parameter doesn't sound like a good idea..


Any thoughts?

Kumar Saurav 10Kumar Saurav 10
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Sonam MeshramSonam Meshram
Hi All,
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