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Notes/attachments interface redirected from Sites page: How to edit?

Hi all,


We're using Sites pages (in anticipation of its Summer release) to provide our volunteers with a place to plan their lessons.


Most of their information is field-based, and very easy to manage. However, we do need to use the notes/attachments feature (specifically, attachments) to provide volunteers with the ability to upload files for their lessons. 


Currently, when a user clicks on the "Attach a file", the default Salesforce page (with headers, etc) appears. Has anyone customized this into a simpler view, e.g., a small popup window with file attachment selector & submitter? 


This is the code I'm currently using for notes/attachments functionality: 



<apex:relatedList id="noteslist" list="NotesAndAttachments" subject="{!Apprenticeship__c.id}" />




We definitely don't want to give public users access to any of our internal site... so, any suggestions, code samples or links to ideas would really help -- thanks!




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Take a look at the recruiting site example in the Force Platform Developer Guide: Chapter 14.
It has a sample page and controller for resume upload.