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Pages using standard controllers receive Authorization Required

I followed, or attempted to follow, the example in Chapter 14.  I have a very very simply application that I would like to display as a web-page.  Created the first page with a custom controller.  Was moving on to displaying the detail data, similar to "Creating the Job Detail Page" and receive "Authorization Required".  I have tried a couple different ways, but any information I display through a standard controller I receive this error.  All data is intended to be public, so don't need anybody to log on.  Authorities appear to be set.  


<apex:page standardController="Plant_Profile__c" title="Plant Profile" showHeader="false">


<apex:sectionHeader title="ObjectType.Plant_Profile__c.label}" subtitle="{!Plant_Profile__c}"/>

<apex:pageBlock title="Plant Profile">

<apex:pageBlockSection >

<apex:outputField value="{!Plant_Profile__c.name"/>






 Should be the basic's - I am sure I am missing something easy.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The following are the usual suspects:

1- check your custom object status, make sure it is set as "Deployed" not as "In development"

2- make sure the site public access settings has Read permission on this custom object

3- make sure the Site public access settings Object Field Level security are set as "Visible" for the fields you are displaying on this page 

4- Make sure the page is associated with your site 

5- Make sure the record is shared with the site guest user if you have the private sharing et for the custom object 

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