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Recovering "Feed Tracked Changes" space

I have a production org with 85M bytes of "Feed Tracked Changes" data in it and I want to recover that space. (I assume the volume is large because I  have run a legacy data delete/import many times to work on a number of conversion bugs.)


I have not found any explanation of how to delete in these articles:
and this post on the subject remains unanswered:
Can anyone explain how to delete the "Feed Tracked Changes" data?



We're actually roling out a feature in our next release in October which would auto delete these kinds of chatter posts when they are older than 3 months.  You can also delete them via the API using dataLoader.  You can query the objectfeed where you have the Feed Tracked changes for the ID's and then issue a delete using the dataloader on the FeedItem table using those ID's.


For those of us with no experience of the various chatter objects, can you supply an example of the SOQL required to accomplish the delete?