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Using Chatter similar to email notification for newly created records

I am interested in utilizing chatter similar to the email notification workflow for a custom object named Support Request. FYI, the "Support Request" SR record is similar to an IT help ticket, but for the business. If an account manager needed assistance with an RFP response, then he would create a new SR and assign it to the appropriate RFP writer. What I would like to do is utilize Chatter to send the alert to the assignee similar to email notification via workflow.


Use case:


  • Account Manager Dan Taylor creates SR for RFP request. Account Manager's primary proposal writer is Nancy Brown. 
  • Once the new SR is saved, a chatter feed associated with the SR, but sent from Dan Taylor would be sent to Nancy Brown (@Nancy Brown) providing some of the information from the SR such as Name, Description, Account and Due Date. 
  • This would allow bi-directional communication between Account Manager and Nancy through email via this chatter feed.




Our goal here would be to simplify the process of capturing the dialogue between SR creator and assignee via simple email exchange, in the SR's Chatter feed without requiring the assignee to initially have to log into SF.com to enter their response. 


The @username feature on an object in Chatter is very powerful because it allows the receiver to simply reply to the email notification from their email as opposed to having to click on the link, log into SF.com and enter the response. 



Has anyone been able to figure this out? If so, your assistance would be appreciated.