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Is there a way to show profile images without a Salesforce session?

I have an app that uses the REST API with OAuth 2.0 to query for and display Chatter data. The problem I'm having is that profile images don't appear unless the user is logged in to Salesforce. Since an OAuth 2.0 access token is only scoped for API use, is it possible to get profile images to display without having an active session?


James, Check section "Chatter Profile Images" in: http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Getting_Started_with_the_Chatter_REST_API  


xhrPhotoURL = instanceURL + photoURL + "?oauth_token=" + accessToken 


Worked for me.


Thanks. I was assuming that was part of the Chatter REST API. I actually need something that will work now outside of just developer orgs since the Chatter API is not GA. Do you know of any way besides the Chatter API?


FYI, the Chatter REST API is GA with Winter '12