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Authenticated Website user licenses and custom object access

Contrary to what I was reading in the documentation,  it appears that if you are using an Authenticated Website user license for a Sites portal user, that user does not have access to custom objects if there is a master-detail lookup from the custom object to the Contact object .... even if the Contact is the contact associated with the login. 


Can anyone confirm this for us?  


The online documentation (search "Granting High-Volume Customer Portal Users Access to Objects") states:


Access to Records

High-volume portal users can access records if any of the following conditions are met:
  • They own the record
  • They can access a record's parent, and the organization-wide sharing setting for that record is Controlled by Parent
  • The organization-wide sharing setting for the object is Public Read Only or Public Read/Write
  • The record is the account or contact under which they are enabled (read access only)


However when I configure a custom Auth Website profile, these objects cannot be checked (or enabled).  And my tests in Sites result in errors or missing field values when I access the objects.


High-volume customer portal licenses however appear to have access, but these I think aren't priced as low for SF customers, so we have to assume that most of our customers will be buying the Auth. Website user licenses for Sites implementations.





Authenticated Website user licenses allow to access the Custom object with Contact object for a Sites portal user. But sometimes Authenticated Website user licenses gives error if you try to open any VF page on site, this licenses problem comes from Salesforce end So if you receive such types of errors, just make all the properties in the classes as Transient, it will work.


Thanks Pradeep - it hadn't occurred to me that this might have stemmed from the session var.   The error was indeed occuring on pages that didn't even use the custom object.   I'll give it a try.


- Ron


Is there anyway to access the the Children objects of the Account? It seems the Authenticated Website profile can't access the Account's children objects, but this is not mentioned in any document.


Can anybody clarify? Thanks!!!