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How can I use Siteforce Pilot program?




I'm looking into Siteforce, I read this post - Siteforce - Pilot in Spring'11 

included [If you are not already enrolled in the pilot and wish to be, then please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.]


I want to use trial(pilot program) of Siteforce. 


but, I don't know how contact my Account Executive or Customer Success Manager. 


and I can't find Siteforce tab in my saleforce.com Home. 


How can I be enrolled Siteforce Pilot program? 


any reply would be appreciated





Last I heard the sitesforce pilot was by invitation only.


I tried to get involved but was knocked back.


Suppose we have to wait for the official version to launch.


The Siteforce pilot program is limited at this time, and is by invitation only.