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Extranet site with SalesForce.com users authentication

I would like to create an extranet with Force.com Sites pages with an authentication that allow access to my SalesForce.com users.


The FAQ indicates that it is possible : 



I tried with http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Authenticating_Users_on_Force.com_Sites, but that only allow customers to login and it redirects to the customer portal.


But, what I need is to authenticate SalesForce.com users on Force.com Sites. Any Idea ? Is there a way to do this ?


Regular SFDC licenses can have access to the visualforce and apex via the profile, like a customer/partner portal user.


The login is different, that's true - you can use the retURL query parameter on login.salesforce.com to redirect them back to the Visualforce you want them to access, however.




I also want to do the same. Can you let me know how you implemented this.