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CNAME and custom web address setup

I am testing out setting up a CNAME on my godaddy.com sub-domain with a Sandbox Force.com Site. I setup a CNAME for the subdomain. For example, the subdomain is called "sbx", so I setup a CNAME that maps "sbx" to my free force.com site domain setup on a Sandbox (test.salesforce.com) environment. Secondly, I setup the custom web address within the Sandbox Force.com Site to point to sbx.godaddydomain.com (example only).


When I go to sbx.godaddycomain.com, I get redirected to cs9.salesforce.com and not the Site. So it looks like some aspect of the CNAME works since it loads the salesforce sandbox domain (cs9), but its not directing me to the Force.com Site home page (ie visualforce page). Any ideas why?


Custom web addresses (CNAMEs) aren't supported in sandbox.

You can use the same documentation as with a production org. You only need your 18 digit Org ID (not the standaard 15 org ID use select Id from Organization in your Developer console) for your sandbox and after that you can complete the normal process described here: