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Date picker appears when StandardStyleSheet set to false !!



I have a site in my sand box http://cpdgateway.sandbox1.cs7.force.com/courselisttestnewcss and am in the process of adding css to re-style the page.  Previously I have had standardstylesheet set to "true" on this page.  I now want to use html and CSS and want to set standardstylesheets to "false".  when I do this a date picker field appears in the left hand, top corner.  When I set to "true" again it disappears - showheader and sidebar are both set to false, it doesn't relate to any of my fields.  Likewise if I add a pageblock the date picker also disappears.


It also only happens in pages that I have recently created - ie api v22, those created with version 20 are fine!!


That looks like a bug, I reccomend filing a case with support and then post your case number here for others to reference.


I've been having the same issue on a few different pages, an empty datepicker just appears on the page for no discernible reason. I had to hide it using css in the end. Must be a bug?


Yup. That's a bug