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Partner Portal slow load time

We are having an outside company enter our opportunities.  We are a non-profit organization and use opportunities to record donations.  Unfortunately, our outside company is experiencing a slow load time when a button that references an apex class is pushed.  The button is for a new opportunity. I have tested the partner portal several times and do not experience a slow load time.  For some reason, someone in our development department has tested it and still is experiencing a slightly slower load time. 


The outside data entry company says that the lag time is significant on their end.

We already contacted Salesforce about this and they think its the Apex Class.  However, the load time has not always been slow for those entering into the partner portal - so it seems strange to me that this could be the cause.



Has anyone experienced something similar to this?  If so, what was the cause or can you offer me any advice on how to trouble-shoot this?




Are you on a Force.com Site (force.com URL) or just a regular customer portal (salesforce URL)?


Are they located in a different geographic area?


Have you taken a look at firebug to see what is taking the longest to load?


Thanks for your response, Ryan. 


This is a regular (Salesforce.com) partner portal. Yes, the data entry company is located in a different geographical area (about 3 hours difference from us).  I am not that familiar with firebug, but we definitely know that a particular button causes the delay and that this button is connected to an apex class.