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CMS Force2 Form, not working

I have created some pages to collect information from clents into a custom object. The form works great when I preview the form and submit, but when I visit the page as an outsider, all looks good, but submit returns me to a template " .../sitename/page" (missing page id) and no data is received. I've followed the installation instructions to the T, and I can't get any data... Help Please...


Hi, today I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Have you resolved it? Do you still know what the issue was? Any hint would be welcome. Reto


I found the solution for my case. I actually had two different problems.


Solution “return page not displaying”:

  1. I removed the friendlyUrl class reference in the Site setup page
  2. I typed the Url of the return page manually in the web form field “Return Url” using the following format: MyCompany.force.com/MySiteLabel/page?pageid=MyReturnpageId (instead of inserting the Url via the Select Return Page button !).

Solution "no data received in Salesforce" (in my case campaign member data for existing contacts")

  1. I double checked field level security but in my case it was ok
  2. Key: I had to extended my contact sharing settings by setting account default sharing to public read (contact sharing is controlled by account sharing). Otherwise the site's guest user would have insufficient priviledges to write campaign member data via the webform into Salesforce.