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Remove span tag from Sites component?

I am finding when I use a Sites Component to encapsulate part of a page, it's being wrapped in a span tag. This is creating overlapping tags and leaving me with invalid markup.


How do I turn this span tag off?



In a similar case I have used the following dirty code to avoid the afection of span tags.

This showed a warning message when saving the component, but however did the job.

The closing span tag closes the starting automatically generated span tag.

(View the source of HTML output) 




//Contents here



I'm having the same problem, but even the "dirty" solution won't work for me.  I need my component to render a table row.  There really needs to be a way to create components that are not wrapped.  Second best would be to have a way to specify what kind of tag to use for the wrapper.

I think it's a mistake for Salesforce to think they can abstract above the web and make a "better web" where we use VF objects that output code and program against them - long-time web developers want access to the ability to control the page down to the tiniest detail, because the requirements of browser compatibility, SEO, usability, and standards compliance make this a necessity.