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Ron WildRon Wild 

Bug in /faces/a4j/g/3_3_0.GAorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript

I'm getting the following error with IE in the Salesforce javascript supporting Ajax calls ....



Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0) Timestamp: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 02:00:43 UTC Message: Unknown runtime error Line: 120 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI:




The page is hosted in an iFrame and works perfectly in Firefox, but when I click an actionButton in IE, the Ajax callback starts (but doesn't finish) and IE shows this error in the alerts area.


Has anyone else run into this error?  Is there a fix?





Do you have a sample URL I can look at or a way that I can reproduce?


Hey Ron,


did you find a solution? I am having the same problem. When i add a reference to jquery lib i get this error by default even before there is an action by a user. I have the same refeferenece to jquery on other VF pages.





Ron WildRon Wild
No, haven't found a solution.  I believe this next release is supposed to include a fix allowing us to use the $Site.Template global in a packaged visualforce page ... which will eliminate the need for us to use an iframe.  So I'm hoping I can work around it in a few days.
Patrick BulaczPatrick Bulacz

I'm having the same issue in IE6 / 7 and 8.


On a re-render property


Anyone got a solution for this?


Yes, also having this problem in IE 8.0 in a visualforce page on a commandButton with a rerender attribute. Any work arounds for this?


...... <apex:form id="theForm"> ...... <apex:pageBlock id="viewPageBlock" title="User Settings" rendered="{!EditIsNotActive}"> <apex:pageBlockButtons location="top"> <apex:commandButton action="{!EditUserSettings}" value="Edit" reRender="theForm"/> </apex:pageBlockButtons> ....... </apex:pageBlock> <apex:pageBlock id="editPageBlock" title="User Settings" rendered="{!EditIsActive}"> ........

Error (IE 8.0):
Message: Invalid argument.
Line: 99
Char: 4
Code: 0

Message: Unknown runtime error
Line: 120
Char: 1
Code: 0



Also having this issue.  Would love to hear suggestions.

So for me, my error was on line 139 of the same function.  I was able to override the function that was causing the issue with my own function.



_copyAttribute: function (src, dst, attr) {
        var value = src.getAttribute(attr);
        if (value) {
                dst.setAttribute(attr, value);


A4J.AJAX.XMLHttpRequest.prototype._copyAttribute = function (src, dst, attr) {
        var value = src.getAttribute(attr);
        if (value) {
                try {
                        dst.setAttribute(attr, value);
                } catch (err) {
                        //alert('Error with Salesforce: ' + err.description + '\nattr: ' + attr + '\n');


Your specific function that's causing an issue is different than mine but can be turned off in the same manner.  Find the specific function and override it.


This JavaScript seems to be breaking all my existing JavaScript.

Is this a new script added in Spring 2010



How can I remove the script from my page all togeather?